Rudge Ordinary bicycle ca 1880 3012-17



Rudge ca. 1880 52 inch Ordinary Bicycle

This Ordinary has a tapered backbone mounted with a sprung saddle pad without cover and a rear step.
The saddle is fitted to the headstock and the handlebars are of the dropped type.
They have turned wooden grips, as has the lever handle of the front brake.
The forks are tapered and the 52 inch driving wheel has a crescent rim and black solid rubber tyre.
The bronze hub is fitted with opposed radial spokes, the bronze crank bracket being marked ‘5594 D.
Rudge’s Patent No 526 1878’. The pedal cranks are adjustable and the pedals are open with red rubber blocks.
The 16 inch trailing wheel has a solid red rubber tyre. The metalwork is basically painted black but there is some overall light surface rust.