Saroléa 1922ca 22D 4 HP 550cc 1cyl sv 3402



Saroléa 1922ca “22 D” 4 HP 550 cc side valve single frame & engine # 8269

After the First World War Saroléa takes up motorcycle production with a continuation of the 1914 3½ HP single but soon a new 4 HP model with bore x stroke of 85×97 mm and countershaft gearbox is presented. The engine and primary drive cover of this model bear a striking resemblance to those of the Triumph Model H and the Saroléa is, like the Triumph, also equipped with a Sturmey–Archer 3 speed gearbox. The first machines have the gear lever on the gearbox, later it is placed higher up on the seat post. In the early twenties also machines in the 350 cc and 500 cc class are presented and in 1922 the 550 cc model becomes also available with chain secondary drive. The sturdy and well-constructed 4 HP soon becomes a popular model. The machine we present has been restored in the past and has been awoken from a long storage period, her engine and gearbox well-preserved in oil and grease. She is registered for the road and comes with Bosch magneto, hand and foot controlled clutch,
Amac carburettor and Miller acetylene front lamp. On the front mudguard we find a dealer plate from “Garage d’Amblève, E. Gregoire, Aywaille, Liège. Not period but very practical is the addition of a brake light that is powered by a battery inside one of the tool boxes.
This authentic early vintage machine once belonged to the well-known Belgian motorcycle historian and writer Gilbert Gaspard, the author of “Les Demoiselles de Herstal” and various other books related to Belgian motorcycle history. She’s in good overall condition, but will benefit from a good checkup because of her long period of rest.