Scott 1930 Flying Squirrel 596cc 2 cyl ts



Scott 1930 596cc “ Flying Squirrel” water cooled two stroke twin frame # 3324 M engine # FY 56AM

Bradford-born Alfred Angas Scott’s experiments with two-stroke motorcycle engines began in the closing years of the 19th Century.
The first complete Scott motorcycle followed in 1908, its twin-cylinder engine, two-speed foot-change gear and all-chain drive marking it out as an exceptionally advanced design for its day.
Light weight, ample power and sure-footed handling thanks to a low centre of gravity were Scott virtues right from the outset. Like its major rivals, Scott was well aware of the publicity value of racing and the allure of models with a TT connection, so the adoption of an optional full-frame tank, like that of the works racers, for the new Flying Squirrel was not surprising.
Launched at the Olympia Show in 1925, the ‘Flyer’ came in 498cc and 596cc capacities, the latter being the most expensive machine in the range.
Subsequent models also benefited from the racing programme, gaining the duplex frame and bigger brakes (first seen on the works bikes in 1926) and the magneto-platform Pilgrim oil pump adopted for the 1927 TT machines.
This well-kept older restoration is fitted with steering damper and Smiths speedometer.