Indian 1935 Sport Scout 750cc 2 cyl sv



Indian   1935   45ci   750cc    Sport Scout    frame # A453694A   engine # FCE403B

A 45ci (750cc) variant of Indian’s Scout was first offered in 1927 and then in April 1928 the 101 Scout appeared featuring a revised 750cc ‘flat head’ engine in a new, longer-wheelbase frame.
This sporting machine would prove an immense success for the Springfield firm, so much so that its replacement in 1931 by a heavier Chief-framed model was greeted with dismay.
Introduced in 1934, the Sport Scout went some way towards retrieving the Scout’s reputation.
Although times were tough, Indian found the money to develop an almost completely new model, surprisingly one that was even more expensive to manufacture than the 101.
In the interest of lighter weight and better handling, the Sport Scout had a bolted-up “keystone” frame, rather than the usual cradle type.
The frame attached to the engine, gearbox, and primary drive without any tubes under the engine.
It provided improved ground clearance, and contributed to the Sport Scout weighing in at only 175kg.
Combined with a wheelbase of only 1435mm, the Sport Scout was extremely agile.
Instead of the leaf spring fork of earlier Scouts, the Sport Scout had a sprung girder fork.
The wheels were 18-inch items, with single leading-shoe brakes front and rear.
Another feature pioneered by the Sport Scout was the streamlined flowing fenders.
Lighter and faster than its immediate predecessor, the Sport Scout was just what enthusiasts and racers had been crying out for, and today remains a favourite among discerning Indian owners and riders.
It’s  fairly sure   this 1935 750cc Indian Sport Scout has spent the whole of its life on the European continent.
The machine is a very presentable older restoration and she  is still going very well.