Styl’son 1930 Model RCE 250cc 1 cyl sv 2807



Styl’son 1930 “RCE” 250cc s.v. JAP frame#1970 engine#B/W98564/B

Styl’son motorcycles were manufactured in Le Chambon – Feugerolles in the Loire region in France between 1926 and 1939.
The first model was a 250 cc machine with OHV Moser engine.
This was followed by a 250 cc side valve model with JAP engine. Most parts of the motorcycles were bought-in, both from regional suppliers (wheels, hubs, mudguards, handlebars, etc.) and from big manufacturers (engines and gearboxes ).
Engines came from Moser, JAP, Blackburne and Staub. This last make was a JAP produced under licence.
The company got into financial problems several times but managed to struggle on till 1939. Interesting information on the make can be found at .
The 1930 range varied from the 175 cc two stroke “ AB” till the 750 cc JAP V-twin “RV”.
This RCE has a Burman 3 speed gearbox, Amal carb, Morel magneto,
Magneto France dynamo and Marchal headlamp.
Accessories include Hella bulb horn , luggage bag, speedometer and Virtu watch in holder on the handlebar.
Most of the original paintwork is still there; the transfers on the sides of the petrol tank had faded completely and these have been renewed.
This Styl’son is a very characteristic vintage machine with many quality details and a good runner too!