Sun 1912 3 speed 500 cc 1 cyl sv



Sun 1912   499 cc side valve single   3 speed hub   frame#SA PR 5983  engine#6716A

The Sun Cycle and Fittings Company of Aston brook Street, Birmingham had been producing bicycles since 1885. 
The firm entered the motorcycle field at the end of 1911.
More or less around the corner, in Moorsom Street, Frank baker had started his Precision engine works around the same time.  
Understandably, the 1912 range comprised 270, 499 and 599 cc Sun-Precisions.
 The two larger models were equipped with Sturmey Archer 3 speed hubs, or alternatively single speed machines with  Villiers hub clutch could be had.
Later Suns were equipped with Villiers, Vitesse, Blackburne and  JAP power units.
 In the early 30s motorcycle manufacture ceased and the factory concentrated on the production of  high quality bicycles.  
In 1948 the production of light two strokes was taken up again till 1962, when Sun was taken over by the Raleigh Industries group.

This early and sturdily built Sun is a well restored and practical  machine with 3 speed hub, full acetylene lighting and bulb horn. 
The machine has a Pioneer Certificate.