Sunbeam 1928 longstroke 500cc 1 cyl sv



Sunbeam  1928  492 cc cc side valve, frame   E 2756   engine  J  2757

The Wolverhampton based firm of John Marston earned fame for their superb bicycles in the early years of the last century. 
In 1912 their first motorcycle was presented, a 350 cc  side valve model ( 75x 79 bore and stroke) with a 2-speed gearbox. 
Soon the capacity was increased to 500cc, and also models with proprietary V-twin engines were made.  
Sunbeam motorcycles gained fame for their very high standards of workmanship, their speed and their reliability:  races all over Europe were won in the early half of the twenties  with machines equipped with the very fast and reliable  “ Longstroke” side valve  engine with bore/stroke of 77x 105.5 mm. 
This “ Light Tourist” is equipped with  a “Longstroke” engine and also has the characteristic fully enclosed rear chain. 
Front mudguard is non-original.