Sunbeam 1930 Lion 600cc 1 cyl sv



Sunbeam Lion Longstroke   1935     599 cc side valve single combination  frame#521.0.1885  engine# 7C.519.0.2008

This model originated in the early 1920s as the venerable model 7 sidecar puller with bore and stroke dimensions of  85×105.5 mm.  
The engine has much pulling power at low revs, and the excellent Sunbeam workmanship can be seen in many details. 
The machine has a 4 speed hand change gearbox, the rear chain is fully enclosed. 
The tank top has an internally illuminated instrument panel with oil pressure gauge and provision for clock.  
The cylinder head is a detachable non detonating design, the wheels are interchangeable. 
This machine is fitted with a luxurious sidecar with windscreen and hood.