Sunbeam-1935 Model 9A 596cc 1 cyl ohv 3007



Sunbeam 1935 Model 9A 596 cc OHV frame # 9C.521.0.2729 engine # 9C.519.0.2885

The Model 9, the first 500cc OHV production Sunbeam with bore x stroke dimensions of 80x98mm, was first presented in 1924.
From 1932 on a 600cc version (Model 9A) was marketed, with engine dimensions of 88×98 mm, giving 596 cc.
This machine was especially suited for fast sidecar touring.
New features for 1932 were: Sunbeam 4- speed gearbox and a new fork with revised brake, a tank top panel which holds Smith clock and oil pressure gauge and a new rocker box – with feed pipe from the oil pump – with fully lubricated rocker gear.
The clutch was now operated with a quick thread on the front chain case, doing away with the typical Sunbeam bridge over the output sprocket.
Between 1932 and 1935 only minor changes took place; in 1936 the Model 9 got a Burman gearbox and in 1937 the Model 9A. It was last catalogued for 1938 (as the ‘A28’) by which time Sunbeams were being produced at Plumstead Road, Woolwich by new owners Associated Motor Cycles.
This practical post-vintage tourer is an older restoration. She comes with tank-top mounted clock and oil gauge, Smiths speedometer, pillion seat and leather luggage bags.
The front mudguard proudly displays a brass dealer’s plate of “Motor Engineers D.J. Shepherd &Co, Enfield Highway”.
The machine is in regular use and comes with current registration documents.