Sunbeam 1937 M9 500 cc 1 cyl ohv



Sunbeam 1937  493 cc OHV   “ Light Solo Sports”  frame# 261030  engine# 26/1/215


In the mid-thirties Sunbeam parent company ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) decided to dispose of the hardly profitable cycle and motorcycle side. AMC bought the business in 1937: their main interests being the bicycle dealer network and the well-establish famous “Sunbeam” name. 
Production moved from Wolverhampton to Plumstead. 
The range consisted of OHV models in capacities of 250, 350, 500 and 600 cc OHV machines and 500 and 600 cc side valve models. 
The ohv machines were exceptionally quiet because of the ingenious spring loaded cam pinion. 
In this construction the cam pinion is built into two parts with the teeth held slightly out of phase by a spring, which compensates for any backlash.  This “Light Solo Sports” is in fact a sports version of the famous Model 9 with a high performance engine, high level exhaust pipe, 3.00 x 21 front tyre, rubber mounted handlebar and chromium tank with black panels and blue lining. 
Note the black gearbox cover, a design point that shows the attention to detail.  
This well restored fine Sunbeam has a 4 speed Burman gearbox with foot control.