Terrot 1926 Model F 250cc 1 cyl ts



Terrot 1926   “Type F   Tourisme””     247 cc two stroke   frame # 33561


In the twenties Terrot built a line of sturdy utilitarian two stroke machines. 
The company recommended these machines to customers who demanded economical transport with minimum costs and maximal reliability and comfort. 
These machines were very popular in the old days and they are very practical for vintage club activities in our time.
The compact two stroke engine has a big  outside flywheel and dimensions of 67×70 mm. Gearbox is Terrot’s own two speed device, clutch is by multiple plates and  the engine power is transmitted to  the rear wheel by belt.  
Note the interesting front suspension system with enclosed vertical spring. 
This nicely restored machine weighs about 80 kgs  and its top speed is around 60 km/h.