Terrot 1930 HSSE Supersport Luxe 346cc 1cyl OHV 3308



Terrot 1930 “HSSE Supersport Luxe“ 346cc Two-port OHV single frame # 97251 engine # 72023 HSSE
After acquiring license to the Magnat-Debon name in 1928, Terrot becomes the leading French manufacturer of two wheeled vehicles. Through the thirties an extensive range of models is marketed, from a humble 100cc single speed “Velomoteur” to a sturdy 750cc side valve V-twin. The company uses elaborate model codes but the basis is that the first letter designates the cubic capacity: “M” stands for 100cc, “L” means 174cc, “P” designates 246cc, “H” 346 cc, “R” 498cc and “VA” 748cc. The 346cc side valve is one of the popular models in the range: it is moderate in weight, economical to ride and it can reach a practical top speed of about 90 km/h. For the more sports-minded enthusiasts there are two 346cc OHV models in the 1930 catalogue, The HSSR “Super Sport Racing” and the more expensive HSSE Supersport Luxe; the “E” probably standing for “Enfermé”, referring to the enclosed rockers and valve springs. Bore x stroke of the sturdy and reliable Terrot engine are 70×90 mm, there are three speeds on board and the lubrication is dry-sump.

The machine on offer has been nicely restored with care to detail. She comes with full electric lighting, aluminium exhaust dampers, Amac carb, SEV magneto, steering damper,  jiffy stand, pillion seat, leather bag, Bleumels tyre pump on front fork and rear view mirror. Bonus feature is a cleverly constructed and integrated electric starter which is activated by a small foot pedal in front of the left footrest (parts to build it back to original come with the motorcycle). This HSSE has a current Dutch registration. As to care for detail: the black tube fitted on the right hand side of the rear carrier holds an environmental mat, required by the organisers of most Dutch vintage motorcycle events.