Terrot 1931 HSST 346cc 1 cyl OHV 3211



Terrot 1931 “HSST Supersport Standard“ 346cc Two-port OHV single frame # 126460 engine # 91222 HSST
After acquiring license to the Magnat-Debon name in 1928, Terrot became the leading French manufacturer of two wheeled vehicles. Through the thirties an extensive range of models was marketed, from a humble 100cc single speed “Velomoteur” to a sturdy 750cc side valve V-twin. The company used elaborate model codes but the basis was that the first letter designated the cubic capacity: “M” stood for 100cc, “L” meant 174cc, “P” designated 246cc, “H” 346cc, “R” 498cc and “VA” 748cc. The 346cc side valve was one of the popular models in the range: it was moderate in weight, economical to ride and it could reach a practical top speed of about 90 km/h. For the more sports-minded enthusiasts there were two 346cc OHV models in the 1931 catalogue, The HSST and the HSSL Supersport Luxe; the latter had a new type of front suspension with single central spring and rear carrier with tool boxes.

The machine on offer is essentially unrestored with the exception of the wheels and exhaust pipes and some reproduction handlebar control levers. The petrol tank still has its original chrome finish with traces of red and green lining. As can be seen on the photos, there’s some red finish left on the front forks and the frame, but the mudguards show a lot of bare metal. The machine appears to be quite complete, with steering damper, electric lighting system (Magneto France dynamo) and aluminium fishtail exhaust dampers. A potentially rewarding project to be sure!