Timeless 2010 500cc 1 cyl aiv



TIMELESS Motorcycle

This amazing reproduction is truly of museum quality.
From the 1910 era correct and functional sand cast engine to the white button tread tyres, it speaks of the early days of around the turn of the century.
Note the hand made full spring leather seat, the leather lined drive pulleys and the 99 inch long leather drive belt.
The cast muffler features a period modern exhaust cut out that in its day was kept closed in town areas as not to scare the horses.
What you see here, is a complete as accurate as possible, recreation of the original Milwaukee USA made motorcycle that not only looks but also will run exactly like the motorcycle you would have purchased back in 1910. It replicates 1910 state-of-the-art fabrication in many ways. 
If you have always wanted one of these early bikes but there was no way you could afford one of the very rare originals, this is just what you need.
Faithful to its 1910 inspiration, nickel plating – not chrome – is used.
It is functional, although it cannot be registered for the street because it does not comply with modern emissions and safety regulations. Because of its belt drive and limited speed, a person should never expect to ride this bike in modern traffic conditions.
 It is intended to be a collectible for those who admire what motorcycles were like at the beginning of the last century. 
We expect some owner will fire it up and show it off on the grounds of an antique motorcycle meet, but it is not built to be taken out on the street.”
We offer this Timeless motorcycle on behalf of a client and he decided to  put a vintage Harley Davidson script on the fuel tank. 
Other Milwaukee motorcycles whose names survive in the historical records are: ADVANCE, COMET and FEILBACH. 
All those machines were belt-driven and they all took their inspiration from each other.

This Timeless Motorcycle is produced to a 1910 technology, due to liability issues, this Timeless Motorcycle is  offered as a collector`s item only and should not be used on streets or motorways. Modern Department of Transportation Standards ( D.O.T. or similar in any other countries ) are not applicable. Purchasing of this Timeless Motorcycle acknowledges that you agree to this disclaimer. ( Also read our conditions of sale ).