Triumph 1914 4HP 550cc 1 cyl sv 3406



Triumph 1914 4HP 550 cc type “A” Roadster Free Engine frame # 250134 engine # 30911 TTU

Some of the “Important Improvements” (as the company put it) listed in the 1914 catalogue are: 85×97 mm bore x stroke engine giving 550 cc, curved frame giving very low saddle position, semi-automatic drip feed lubrication, larger bearings in the steering head and wider tank. No less than seven models are catalogued: three Roadster models, three TT Roadsters and a TT racer. Next to the Type A Roadster there are the Type B with fixed engine and the Type C with 3-speed gear in the rear hub; the TT Roadsters have the same options but have no pedalling gear fitted. The TT Racer has 85 x 88 mm engine, racing-type saddle and handlebars and no pedalling gear. The machine on offer is an older restoration that has been regularly used for veteran runs by a former owner. The TTU code on the engine- confirmed by Triumph specialist the late Peter Cornelius- determines the month of manufacture as January, 1914. The hub clutch is operated by a heel and toe pedal and is a practical feature on a veteran, because one can keep the engine running while the machine is stationary. This Trusty Triumph is the last Triumph model of the veteran era. She comes with Pioneer Certificate, acetylene Lucas No. 454 King’s Own front lamp, Vindec rear lamp, lubrication oil squirt and Gladstone type leather bag on the rear carrier. A hand-written step-by-step guide how to start and ride, written by a former owner, will prove helpful for a novice to veteran machines.