Triumph 1916 model H 1 cyl 500cc sv 2612



Triumph   1916    549 cc   Model “H” 

The model H is announced late in 1914 as a logical development of the famous veteran  “Trusty”.
But it  isn’t just  a 1914 model with a countershaft gearbox: the engine differs from the veteran engine in various ways.
It has a single cam wheel  with 2 cams instead of separate cam wheels for the inlet and exhaust valve.
The casting for the cylinder is entirely new, the valve head diameter is enlarged by  ¼ inch and the valves are spaced further apart. A great improvement over the 1914 style 3-speed hub is the Sturmey Archer countershaft gearbox.
The primary chain drive is enclosed by a neat aluminium cover; secondary drive is by belt.
The new model  becomes available  in  February 1915 and most of the production goes to the British Armed forces; in 1918 the army has just over 17,000 Model H’s. It is not until 1919 that the  Model H is again available, in very small numbers, for the civilian market and many ex- army machines are sold off at surplus sales at Slough. 
A large number of  machines are overhauled by the factory  for resale in 1919 through 1921. ( source: Peter Cornelius)
The Powell & Hanmer  acetylene lighting system bears the correct “WD”  ( War Department) stamp and the machine runs like an “H” should.
For detailed information on  the Model “H”  consult Peter Cornelius’  “The Facts” booklet,   surf to