Triumph 1934 XO 147cc 1cyl ohv



Triumph 1934    147 cc OHV   “  XO5/1“  frame # 1347XO  engine # HSS 1529- XO

Designer Val Page came to Triumph from Ariel in 1932. He designed an excellent range of motorcycles, of which the 250 cc model was the lightest. Many parts of this model were interchangeable with those of the 350 and 500 cc models; Page was a sincere believer in rationalization in the production process of motorcycles. 
The new range was introduced for the 1934 season and  the new Triumphs proved to be technically excellent machines, although expensive to produce. 
The XO5/1 was the smallest capacity four stroke machine in the 1934 range, the cheapest Triumph in the range was the model XV with 150cc Villiers two stroke engine.  Triumph had marketed a light OHV machine to cater for the people with tight budgets that preferred a four stroke machine but could not afford the going prices; the XO/5 was almost half the price of the 500 cc “Silent Scout”. 
The XO is a lively  machine with totally enclosed valve gear, coil ignition and three speed gearbox. Tank capacity is 1 ½  gallons.  This XO has been restored some years ago and is well fettled.