Triumph 1946 Model 3T 350cc 2 cyl ohv



Triumph 1946  T3    350 cc twin   frame TC 2866      engine 46 3T 78224

When Edward Turner took over  Triumph management  in 1936, he halted production of almost the entire and unprofitable Triumph range and concentrated on improving the best of what remained. 
These were the MK. 5 singles which he remodelled into the appealing Tiger singles, and he designed the very successful 5T   “Speed Twin”. Just after the war a smaller capacity version of this sporty twin was brought out. It was kept in the range till 1950. Compression ratio was 6.3 : 1, power output was 19 BHP@ 6,500 rpm. The machine weighed 147 kilos. The 3 T was appreciated as an economic, smooth and tractable machine.
This example is in excellent restored condition.