Velocette 1937 KSS 350cc 1 cyl ohc 2906



Velocette 1937 model “ KSS” 348 cc OHC frame # 3006 engine # KSS7735

The firm of Veloce Ltd. was formed in 1905 by Johann Goodman.
It was a family business that concentrated on sound motorcycle engineering principles.
Their first machines were lightweight four strokes; after that a line of top-class 250 cc two strokes was brought out.
In 1924/ 25 Percy Goodman designed the 350 cc overhead camshaft model K, a machine destined to win many TTs and other races, starting with the 1926 Junior TT that was won by Alec Bennett, who finished ten minutes ahead of the second placeman.
The model KSS (K for overhead camshaft, SS for super sports) first appeared in 1925.
It had a power output of about 19 HP at 5,800 rpm. From the KSS the successful KTT was developed, this was the first over-the-counter production racer to become available to the general public. In 1933 the KSS got a four speed gearbox and in 1935 the KSS was completely redesigned.
The MkII version featured many improvements including a new aluminium-alloy cylinder head with enclosed valve-gear, together with the cradle frame and heavyweight Webb forks of the new MSS.
The KTS is the touring sister model of the KSS: it’s virtually identical to the KSS apart from more generous mudguarding and different tyre sizes.
The KSS has 3.00 x 21 front and 3.25 x 20 rear tyre sizes, the KTS has 3.25 x 19 front and 3.50 x 19 rear.
This fine post vintage Velo has been restored to a high standard.