Velocette 1939 MAC 350cc 1 cyl ohv 2512



Velocette  1939 “MAC”  349 cc OHV frame# MD 9961 engine # MAC 10244

The firm of Veloce Ltd. was formed in 1905 by Johann Goodman.
It was a family business that concentrated on sound motorcycle engineering principles.
Their first machines were four strokes; after that a line of top-class 250 cc two strokes was brought out. In 1924/25 Percy Goodman designed the 350 cc overhead camshaft model K, a machine destined to win many TTs and other races, starting with the 1926 Junior TT that was won by Alec Bennett, who finished ten minutes ahead of Jimmy H. Simpson on AJS. 
The model KSS (K for overhead camshaft, SS for super sports) first appeared in 1925.
It had a power output of about 19 HP at 5,800 rpm. From the KSS the successful KTT was developed, this was the first over-the-counter production racer to become available to the general public.
In 1933 the company brought out the first of the OHV “M” series, the 250 cc MOV.
Soon this model was followed by the 349 cc MAC, which had the same bore ( 68 mm) as the MOV; the 349 cc capacity was reached by lengthening the stroke to 96 mm, in this way providing the advantage of many shared parts. In 1935 a 500cc model, the MSS, was marketed.
The MAC stayed in production till 1960. The MAC has 6 inch brakes, quickly detachable rear wheel and rear stand plus prop stand.
The machine weighs a mere 130 kilograms and has a top speed of 70 mph. In WW2 about 1,200 MAC’s saw military service. The machine comes with a Dutch registration.