Velox  engine ca 1904 452cc 1 cyl AIV 3405



Velox  ca  1904 water cooled engine with magneto and carburettor

This interesting display engine is a water-cooled Velox product. “Velox”, the Latin word for “swift”, was used by several car and motorcycle manufacturers in various counties. We think our Velox is a French engine, produced in Paris from around 1902 and used to power a light car, motorcycle or tricar. The carburettor fitted is an early French GA   # H 22184 and the magneto is a Hydra Type A1, No. 3887. The engine turns over, valves move, piston and cylinder are in good condition. The crankcase is painted gray so one might think it is cast in aluminium, but it is cast iron.

Bore x stroke = 80 x 90 mm (452 cc) The engine weighs 45 kg.