Wall 1913 118cc 1cyl aiv



1913 Wall ca. 118cc 1HP.

The self-propelling Wall motor is unquestionably the greatest labour-saving  device which has ever been evolved for the benefit of cyclists. The whole attachment only weighs about 25 pounds and is fitted in a gentlemans cycle. 
The mere touch of a lever starts the one horsepower petroldriven 4-stroke motor and enables the rider to employ mechanical instead of muscular power when travelling at a high speed, cycling up inclines, negotiating “heavy” roads or forging ahead against a very strong wind. 
If the rider so desires, extra power can be obtained when climbing very steep hills by pedalling lightly while the engine is in operation. 
In short, the Wall motor unit makes it possible for cyclists to travel long distances at sixteen miles an hour in any kind of weather without overtaxing their physical powers. 
This Wall is in very good condition troughout and is a delight to ride,