Wanderer 1920 2½ps 327cc 1 cyl sv



Wanderer 1920   “2 ½ PS”     327 cc   side valve  single     frame # 49257  engine # 28124 

Wanderer motor cycles were manufactured in the German town of Chemnitz between 1902 and 1929.  
The Wanderer Company also built high-quality bicycles, typewriters, mechanical calculators and cars. 
In the early twenties, the firm employed more than 6000 labourers. Wanderer motorcycles had an excellent reputation; they were sturdily built and their finish was first class. Between 1914 and 1918 the German army used many Wanderers. 
The company used both single cylinder and  unit construction V-twin engines of their own manufacture. 
In the twenties Wanderer was successful in racing, especially with their 8-valve OHV V-twin. 
In 1929 the Czech manufacturer of arms Janecek bought the licence of the Wanderer design and started producing motorcycles under the JAWA  ( Janecek and Wanderer) trademark.   
After the Great War  the company brought out two types of machine, the 327 cc single “2  ½ PS” and  the  616 cc  V-twin  “4 ½ PS”.  
The 2 ½ PS was a further development of the 1914 2 PS machine, which now got a three speed countershaft gearbox in unit with the engine. Both chain and belt drive were available. 
This example  has chain drive and a sprung seat post; it’s  a finely restored specimen that comes fitted with a “ Schmitt Mannheim” acetylene lighting System.