Warrilow 1906 454 cc 1 cyl aiv



Warrilow   circa 1906    3 ½  HP     454 cc  AIV Quadrant   frame #   WAR 11 engine # 3199

With this machine comes quite a lot of correspondence; the make is not listed in Tragatsch but some interesting information has been brought to light by previous owners. 
The oldest documents  are  a receipt  and various writings dated 12th, 14th and 15th March 1904. 
These are addressed to a Mr. H.F. Clarke of 16, Toronto Road, Tilbury Docks, Essex, in respects of Gents no. 11 (presumed) cycle for £ 6. 10s 0d from Warrilow &Co.,  Ellenborough Park Road and 45-50 Royal Arcades, Weston-Super-Mare.  
This company advertised as “Cycle and Motor manufacturers”  and one of the postcards in the correspondence mentions “Motor bicycles a speciality”.  
Presumably the Gents no 11 was a kit-form motorcycle that could be furnished with engine and sundry parts by the customer. 
The original registration number was CF 109 – a Suffolk registration – but  this  has been parted  from the machine at some time in the past. The engine has been confirmed by the VMCC Quadrant marque  specialist to be of genuine 1906 manufacture.  
At that time Quadrants were equipped with a French Longuemare carburetor which would have been controlled with rod connectors and tank mounted levers. 
The  lever mounting is still present on the tank, but at some time the original carburetor has been replaced by a circa 1910 AMAC device. 
The motorcycle  comes complete with various veteran fittings such as lamp, leather tool bag and curled bulb horn. 
It’s a good starter and a strong puller.