AJS 1922 Model D 800cc 2 cyl sv



AJS   1922  799 cc model D  side valve  V-twin  frame & engine #  15596   

Already in the years before 1920 A.J. Stevens & Co. were major motorcycle manufacturers.
Their first V-twin had been introduced in 1912 and was a very successful model, especially for sidecar use. 
At the 1919 Olympia Show this 6 HP model was introduced. 
Its features included a new type of saddle tank, interchangeable and quickly detachable wheels, completely enclosed chains, footboards with rubber mats, rear stand operated by hand lever and big size aluminium exhaust damper, placed under the front of the engine.  
Engine capacity is 799 cc, bore and stroke are 74×93 mm. 
The cylinder heads are detachable, ignition is by high-tension magneto and the machine has a three speed gearbox. Both wheels have internal expanding brakes, which is quite modern for the early twenties. 
This excellently restored machine comes complete with  acetylene lighting, bulb horn, steering damper, rear view mirror  and  last but not least a comfortable leaf sprung saddle.