AJS 1928 K9 500cc 1 cyl sv



AJS  1928     Model K 9   498 cc  side valve  single  frame#  99825 engine# K9/99825
The four Stevens brothers had been in motorcycle manufacturing since the final years of the 19th century, but only in 1911 their first complete “AJS” motorcycle, a 298 cc two speeder, was marketed.  
For the 1912 season their first V- twin, the model D, was brought out.  In the 1914 Junior TT a magnificent first and second place was scored.
 From 1925 on prefixes were used to the numbering system: E=1925, G=1926, H=1927 K= 1928.  
The 500cc sv  model  had been introduced only a few years earlier: for many years the AJS range had consisted only of 350 cc singles and 800  V-twins. For 1928 no less than eleven models were catalogued, ranging from a 250 cc side valve to a 799 cc V- twin.  
Bore and stroke dimensions  are  84×90 mm, carburettor is Binks with twist grip control and a  Bosch magdyno provides the spark and the lighting. 
Lubrication is by mechanical oil pump and auxiliary hand pump. 
This machine  is a well-detailed older restoration that comes complete with Smiths speedometer.