AJS 1929 Model 8 498cc 1 cyl ohv 2904



AJS 1929 M8 498cc single port OHV frame & engine # M8/143146

The 1929 AJS model range boasted no less than 20 improvements.
Some seemed trifle, like the rear carrier of different design and the improved front stand fixing. Others were real improvements, such as the redesigned frame that resulted in a lower saddle height, graceful saddle tank with built in speedometer, separate oil tank, enclosed valve mechanism and more poweful front brake.
Last but not least, to please the eye, the previously all-black petrol tank had acquired brightly colored magenta side panels.
The range spanned from the 9.96 HP twin passenger combo (M1) to the 2.48 HP lightweight (M12); AJS started numbering with the highest capacity models, which was rather unusual with model numbering systems in the motorcycle world.
This beautiful and impressive thoroughbred is equipped with oversize 1 1/16 inch Amal carburettor, close ratio gearbox, 21 inch wheels, racing type tank top toolbox, “Ernst Henne” type racing handlebars and straight through exhaust pipe.