AJS 1939 39/2 1000cc 2 cyl sv 2511



AJS  1939   model 39/2   990 cc side valve V-twin      frame # 1033  engine # 39/2 2667

Side valves and V-twins were loosing ground halfway down the thirties: 21% of the 1935 models offered on the British market still had side valves, and 16%  consisted of twin cylinder  machines. 
By 1939 these percentages were 15% and 7%. 
Consequently you don’t come across nice big  V-twins so often, and this certainly is a handsome big machine. 
|It was the biggest capacity machine in the 1939 AJS range, that consisted of   five   246 cc models,  six 347 cc models,  five 498 cc models  and two  big V-twins.
The twin was available as model 39/2  and 39/2a, the latter being the  “Export Model” that was fitted with footboards, long touring handlebars, hand gear change and foot clutch control.
Some new features for 1939 were redesigned petrol tanks to enable the tank to be removed without interfering with the instrument panel wiring and improved speedometer wiring.
This  good looking  tourer has been restored some time ago.