AJS 1951 18C 500 cc 1 cyl ohv



Frame no.3359C       Engine no 5218 S 1162 C.

The 500cc "long stroke" AJS 18CS was produced from 1951 through 1955. 
The bore of these early models was 82.5mm (3.25"),. The C was for Competition (Scrambles) and the S for Suspension (not a rigid rear frame).Prior to the sport’s universal adoption of rear suspension, from late 1954 onwards, the rigid framed AMC models – whether in 350 or 500cc form – outsold all rival brands with the arguable exception of Norton.These Ajays & Matchies deservedly enjoyed a reputation for rugged Construction. 
For trials work the slightly more docile 350 was more popular than the 500 model, although it should be recalled that (before achieving ‘works rider’ status with AJS) Gordon Jackson achieved innumerable wins on a full half liter Matchless; a tradition that is continued by Len Hutty in today’s pre-65 classic trials.
The ultra neat rear frame assembly providing an extensive amount of ground clearance, but with a sufficiently trim wheelbase to give adequate grip. 
Fitted with ‘jampot’ shocks, lightweight single-sided front hub, a set of alloy rims, the Matchless tips the scales at many pounds less than the standard model 18. 
Maintained on a no-expense- spared basis it is refreshing to report how, in the last 12 months, the bike has been happily ridden in all sort of outings that are rarely undertaken by the former owner.
This is a very nice machine all round, she runs well and looks stunning.