AJS 1958 16MS 350 cc 1 cyl ohv



AJS 16 MS  1958    350 cc OHV single     engine  number  31423

A contemporary road test in “ the Motor Cycle”  is very favourable for this machine:
“Solidly and soundly made to an established design by a world-renowned British manufacturer, the AJS model 16 is all that the everyday rider seeks. 
For the man who needs reliable transport to an from work each day, plus the means of taking himself and his wife for long, safe runs at week-ends, this “Ajay” is a good answer. It is a machine without frills or fuss, as easy on the pocket as it is on the eye.  (…) Under general, everyday conditions a welcome 86 mpg was returned. 
When really cracking along M1 the mpg was 78. 
This economy of fuel and zero consumption of oil contributed towards the cheapness of running.
The model 16 is known to be light on the pocket, both for running costs and for the equally important maintenance/repair factor. 
It is a motorcycle with stamina, the current development of a tried and sound design which has given yeoman service – as its justly famed Matchless brother, the G3L, did during the and after the last war.