Ariel 1915 700 cc 2 cyl sv



 Ariel 1915 ca.700cc V-Twin.

Ariel’s first step towards motorcycle production was made in 1898 with the production of quadricycles, driven by De Dion Bouton single cylinder engines. 
Later the Ariel two-wheelers got engines from Kerry and around 1910 White and Poppe, Abingdon King Dick and Motosacoche power sources were used. 
The Ariel we offer here is equipped with a ca. 700cc  Abingdon King Dick engine.
 It has a 3 speed gearbox with foot operated
clutch and belt drive to the rear wheel. 
The saddle is connected to a spring frame on the saddle tube, which gives a comfortable ride. 
This Ariel V-twin is in good, used condition, fully complete and ready  for any trouble-free ride.