Ariel 1958 FH Huntmaster 646cc 2cyl OHV 3309



Ariel 1958 FH “Huntmaster” 646 cc OHV twin frame # CAPR 10568 engine # CNLF 4529

Ariel had been sold to BSA by owner Jack Sangster in 1944 but it had retained its own identity. In 1948 the KH 500 twin was introduced and some years later it was decided to add a 650 cc model to compete with Triumph and BSA in that class. It was decided not to use the 500 twin as a basis but instead the engine of the BSA A10 was used and modified so its styling would blend in with the existing Ariel range. The engine shared its internals and cast iron cylinder and head with the A 10, but outside it had a properly cast Ariel badged timing cover over an Ariel specific timing chest and a more compact valve cover that made it easier to adjust the valve clearances than on the A 10. The clutch was a dry four speed Burman unit that was lighter than the A 10 version, sitting under a smart chromed cover, and the primary drive arrangement required different mounting bosses to be built into the crankcases. The engine was placed in a brand-new swinging arm frame. The Huntmaster was introduced for the 1954 model year and would stay in production till 1959, when Ariel started to lay the focus on their leader and Arrow two stroke models.
The FH has bore x stroke dimensions of 70 x 84 mm, a power output of 35 hp and 7-inch brakes fore and aft. Claimed top speed is about 145 km/h and the petrol tank holds approx. 16 litres. Interesting design details are the quickly detachable rear wheel, single bolt fixing petrol tank and the easy roll-on centre stand with elliptical feet that can be operated from both sides. The built-in instrument panel on top of the forks contains the lighting switch, illuminated 120 mph Smiths speedo and ammeter.
The machine on offer is an older restoration and comes with the practical all-enclosed rear chain that was available as an extra and a practical luggage rack. She is road-registered and a good runner.