Avondale 1910 2510



Avondale 1903    239 cc AIV Buchet engine frame # AV1  engine # SM 245.

This unique Veteran motorcycle is one of two constructed in 1903 by the Avon Vale Cycle Company of Evesham, Worcestershire. 
The other machine was never used on the road. This unique piece of motorcycle history was first owned by a Mr Andrews from Evesham.
Later on it came into the possession of the daughter of the original builder, who  sold it in 1975 to the former owner.
Around 1903 British made proprietary  engines were by no means  widespread and   Buchet was already  a  reputed make.
Élie-Victor Buchet started to build proprietary engines in Levallois-Perret, Paris, in 1899 and  built a wide range of automobile, motorcycle and aero engines.
This 1903 specimen is fitted with atmospheric inlet valve and Longuemare carburettor.
The originally fitted trember coil has been replaced by a battery and coil system.
The machine has seen extensive use in many veteran motorcycle  events and has also  been a regular participant in the Banbury Run and Pioneer Run since 1952.
It was last ridden in 2014 and comes complete with Pioneer certificate.