BMW 1948 R35 342cc 1 cyl OHV 3302



BMW 1948 R35 342cc OHV single frame # 204012 engine # 200486
In 1936 BMW marketed a 305cc OHV single, the R3. Only 740 were sold that year and in 1937 two new single-cylinder models were included in the range, the 192cc R2 and the 342cc R35. The latter was the last pressed steel model to be launched by the company. A striking innovation was the (undamped) telescopic fork but in all other respects the motorcycle was very closely based on the 398cc R4 that had been introduced in 1932 and was produced till 1938. The location of the dynamo, on the R20 already on the front crankshaft end, was again, as on the old R4, on the top left of the crankcase. With more than 15,000 units manufactured between 1937 and 1940, the BMW R35 succeeded in matching the commercial success of the previous models BMW R2 and BMW R4. After the war came to an end, the BMW R35 experienced a renaissance when production was started up again at the Eisenach plant using existing stocks of manufactured components. Power output of the R35 was 14hp@4500rpm, good for a top speed of 100km.

This interesting touring machine has been restored around 1992 and has been in the former owner’s possession since that time. She’s a reliable road-registered older restoration that has been used in many vintage club runs.