BMW 1938 R61 597cc 2 cyl sv 3003



BMW 1938 “R 61” 597 cc side valve horizontally opposed twin frame # 515163 engine # 605377

In the late thirties BMWs were sold in considerable numbers, in spite of their high prices.
The make had built up an excellent reputation for quality and luxury: from 1938 on all BMWs had both front and rear springing, a feature which was very uncommon for most other makes.
From 1938 till the war stopped production of civilian bikes all BMW twins shared a common frame and cycle parts.
The 1938 BMW twin range comprised four models: two side valve machines, the 600cc R61 and the 750cc R71, and two ohv machines, the 500cc R51 and the top model, the 600cc R66.
All engines were interchangeable and shared the same transmission ratios, the final drive ratios could vary.
The 597 cc engine with bore and stroke of 70×78 mm has a compression ratio of 5.7 : 1 and a power output of 18 HP @ 4800 rpm which gives a maximum speed of about 115 km/hour.
Fuel tank capacity is 14 litres.
Both wheels are quickly detachable and interchangeable. Between 1938 and 1941 some 13,000 R 61s were built.
This R 61 would be an excellent choice for the enthusiast who likes to ride a pre-war machine with post war specifications and comfort; the machine has been restored, is in excellent condition and comes with comfortable “Pagusa” pillion seat.