BMW 1960 R50 494cc 2 cyl ohv 2912



BMW 1960 R 50/2 494cc transverse twin frame & engine # 562021

Bayerische Motoren-Werke is known in English as the Bavarian Motor Works, or more simply as BMW.
The firm launched its first horizontally opposed twin in 1923, and has stood by this style of engine layout ever since.
The opposed design offers riders buttery smooth performance as the engine has inherently good balance.
In 1955 BMW created its R50, R60, and R69 models. These new models had a similar engine and the same shaft-drive as earlier models, but were fitted with modern swinging fork rear suspension for the first time.
The telescopic forks at the front of earlier models were abandoned though, in favour of the swinging or “Earles Fork” system.
The cycle parts were finished in BMW’s signature black scheme set off by white pin striping.
The models had plenty of power to pull an optional Steib sidecar.
BMW has always built expensive motorcycles, but you got what you paid for.
The make has gained an enviable reputation for long-lasting reliability -even the quality of the black paint is well known! BMW set the standard for its day, and continues to build some of the most famous motorcycles in the world.
The R 50 delivers 26 HP @ 5,000 rpm, good for a top speed of circa 140 km. |
The petrol tank holds 17 litres and the bike weighs 195 kg.
The R 50 was built between 1955 and 1969 with few changes over the years.
This BMW is in unrestored but complete condition and in need of restoration.