Brough Superior 1939 1150 JAP 1150cc 2 cyl sv



Brough Superior 1939 “ 11/50 “ 1096 cc side valve JAP V-twin frame # M8/2051 engine # LTZ/G/62581/S

In the early thirties the B.S. range consisted mainly of 680 cc and 980 cc OHV twins and the  “SS 80” 980 cc side valve twin. 
In 1934 the SS 80 was replaced by the 1150 cc “11.50”. From 1935 on the 11.50 was scaled down slightly to 1100 cc and from 1936 the 680 cc was no longer part of the range. 
The SS 80 was back again though and the three model range ( SS 80, SS 100 and 11.50) would be continued till the end of production in 1940. 
According to the Works record card  this mighty “11.50” was dispatched from the factory on May, 13, 1939 to a Mr. F.W.(“Freddy”) Stevenson who had a garage business in Bulwell, Nottingham. 
The record card specifies “X show” which means this machine had been presented at the late 1938 Olympia Show. 
The machine was registered as “FTV 385”and it was pictured in “Motor Cycling” of June 7, 1939 when it took part in the London-Edinburgh Trial. After a 1960s owner in Derbyshire the machine was sold to Verrall’s in the early 70s  and went to Australia. 
Now it’s back and ready for the European open roads again…