BSA 1913 model C 499cc 1 cyl sv 2805



BSA 1913 “Model C” 3 ½ HP 499cc side valve single engine # 5542/13

BSA entered the motor cycle market with a sturdy 3 ½ HP belt driven single geared machine, that was displayed at the 1910 Olympia show.
It was constructed almost entirely from BSA-made components and was produced from the company’s Redditch factory. Within six months from their launching the BSA’s with their distinctive green and cream tank colours were selling well.
No less than 5 models were catalogued for 1913, all powered by the same 3½ HP offset engine with bore x stroke of 85 x 88 mm.
Top of the range were the two models with two-speed hub and clutch, Model C belt transmission and Model E with chain drive.
Both clutch and gear change are controlled by a foot pedal.
We have been told that  this quality veteran was restored by the Sammy Miller Museum around 1988.
The machine comes complete with Powell & Hanmer acetylene lighting.