BSA 1922 H2 550 cc 1 cyl sv combination



BSA  1922  557 cc  side valve single combination   model “H 2”  frame# B 27021  engine # R 2671

BSA  entered the motor cycle market with a sturdy 3 ½ HP  belt driven single-geared machine, that was displayed at the 1910 Olympia show. 
It was constructed almost entirely from BSA- made components and was produced from the company’s Redditch factory. 
Within six months from their launching, BSA’s were selling well.
The machines were easily distinguishable among rival makes by their yellow and green painted tanks. 
For 1915 there was a choice  between the 85×88  3 ½ HP model and the 85×98  4 ¼  HP model. 
This latter machine was offered as being especially suitable for sidecar work.
Both models could be had in  chain-cum-belt version   (  Model  “K” )or  in all chain drive with encased chains ( Model “H”), which made the machine 3 pounds and 5 shillings more expensive. 
After the war the 3 ½ HP  was only available as single speed TT model and the range was expanded with  a 770 cc V-twin, but   the main sellers in the early twenties  were still the sturdy and reliable 557 cc side valve machines.
This “H2” has been well restored.