BSA 1922 twin 770 cc 2 cyl sv



BSA  1922 model E 770 cc V-twin  frame  A 1505  engine 532

The Model E was BSA’s first V-twin, primarily intended as a sidecar machine. 
It was introduced in 1920 and remained in production for about 3 years. 
In 1922 a somewhat scaled up version was brought out, the 986 cc model F. 
The vintage BSA combo provided dependable, inexpensive transport for many thousands of  families through many years of production.
The 76×85 engine has the cylinders set at a 50 degree angle. 
The valves are interchangeable,with quickly adjustable tappets. 
The constant loss lubrication system employs a mechanical pump with an emergency hand pump. 
Primary and secondary tansmissiop is by chain. Both chains are enclosed in beautiful cast aluminium cases, with BSA’s own design of shock absorber on the engine shaft. Wheels are quickly detachable and interchangeable.  
Carburettor is a Mills instrument, gearbox BSA’s own three speed design.

This very practial vintage touring BSA has been restored to concours condition.