BSA 1924 Model L 349cc 1 cyl sv 3302



BSA ca1924 “Model L” 349 cc side valve frame # D821 engine # F1206

Quite a charming machine, this authentic model “L”. It was one but the lightest model offered in 1924, only the 249 cc Roundtank being of smaller capacity. A 1924 B.S.A. advertisement slogan read: ” Invest in a B.S.A. for satisfaction, reliability and sterling value”; in fact this still goes for this practical vintage touring machine, which is in largely original and unrestored condition. The machine is equipped with 3 speed gearbox, mechanical oil pump and dummy belt rim brakes. A comfortable XL-All saddle is fitted and the tax disc in the holder shows an expiration month of June, 1936. Most certainly an unbutchered machine that comes with full acetylene lighting system. She is in running condition (video available), but was part of a static private collection for quite some time and might need some minor adjustments.