BSA 1927 6HP Model E27 Light 770cc 2cyl sv 3306



BSA 1927 6 HP Model E 27 Light 770 cc side valve V-twin frame # N 2127 engine # A223

The Model E is BSA’s first V-twin, primarily intended as a sidecar machine. It is introduced in 1920 and remains in production up to 1932. In 1922 a somewhat scaled up version is brought out, the 986 cc model F. From 1932 on the 986 cc model will be BSA’s only V-twin.
The 76×85 engine has the cylinders set at a 50 degree angle. The valves are interchangeable, with quickly adjustable tappets. The constant loss lubrication system employs a mechanical pump with an emergency hand pump. Primary and secondary transmission is by chain. The 1927 Model E is available in two versions, “Light” and “De Luxe”. Among the differences are a more elaborate front mudguard and quickly detachable and interchangeable wheels on the De Luxe model. By 1927 the Model E is not only aimed at sidecar enthousiasts, but also at solo riders. The 1927 catalogue states: “Although the present trend is to make all large twin cylinder machines almost solely passenger vehicles, it should be noted that the light model provides a sweet, easily handled solo mount for those riders who find a fascination in the big reserve of power and feeling of road supremacy coupled with the smooth running that can only be obtained from machines of the twin type.” Among the list of improvements for 1927 we find the adoption of practical 7-inch internal expanding brakes and newly designed cylinders with deeper fins and thicker walls.

The machine we present here has been is an older restoration and comes with Lucas acetylene lighting, bulb horn and rear view mirror.