BSA 1927 B27 250cc 1 cyl sv 2604



BSA  1927  249cc side valve  “B 27 De Luxe”   frame # B 32802 engine #  B.4.3836.W

This model was the first lightweight BSA and  was launched in January 1924.
It  immediately got much attention because of its very sharp price and sensible performance.
The model became a huge success, in about five years some 35,000 lightweights were sold. 
Many of these models had the typical cylindrical strapped-on petrol tank that gave the model the nickname “Round Tank”.
Later models had more modern tapered  petrol tanks.
The 249 cc engine was reliable and easy to maintain, it was economical (ca. 120 mpg) yet powerful enough to give the machine a comfortable cruising speed of some 35 mph, more than adequate on the 1920s roads.
The machine was small and compact and proved to be  very stable.
Thousands were used as utility bikes for government agencies such a the Post Office, which employed them as bikes for telegram deliveries.
The standard 1927 Lightweight was fitted with a round tank, this De Luxe model had a fashionable tapered tank and a more comfortable saddle, a Brooks Supple Seat in this case.
This practical  and pleasant vintage touring mount is fitted with FRG bulb horn and runs like it should run.
The former (second) owner purchased this machine when he was 20 years of age and parted with this machine recently at the age of 80.
So he kept and rode her for 60 years !!! What a history. !