BSA 1928 sloper 500 cc 1 cyl ohv




Presented in august 1926 for the 1927 season, the sloper  set the BSA company on the road to market domination and success.
 It was brilliant designer Harold Briggs, brought in from the Daimler car company, who designed the machine around a sporty and reliable 493 cc ohv (80×98 ) engine which inclined forward in the frame. 
Some typical car practice features Briggs used in his design were sump lubrication ( the cranckcase was extended to form an oil reservoir holding 3 pints) and return springs within the pushrod tubes to keep the valve gear in constant touch with the cam profiles, giving exceptionally quiet operation.The Sloper soon got a reputation as  a sporting but quiet motorcycle, a real trendsetter.
This machine is an older restauration, equipped with full electric lighting.