BSA 1932 W32-7 500cc 1 cyl ohv 2702



BSA  1932  Model  W32-7  499 cc OHV    single   frame #  Z6 . 2088      engine # Z7 . 2567


The BSA range for 1932 consisted of no less than twelve solo types.

New-comer was  the W32-7,  a   good-looking   500 OHV  “designed to meet the requirements of sporty riders who want a really fast sports machine with ample reserve of power” as the company put in their publicity around the new model.

The machine’s specifications were quite up to date: the lubrication was by pressure feed from  a gear type pump to a double roller big end bearing .

The oil sump with a capacity of three pints was cast in one unit with the crankcase.

There was a built-in pressure gauge in a tank-mounted  panel that also held an amp gauge, inspection light and switch.

The machine had a dry plate clutch an four-speed BSA gearbox with screw adjustment for front chain tension.  

The brakes were coupled in that by pressing the brake pedal the rider would operate both front and rear brakes.

The petrol tank had a capacity of 2 ¼ gallons and the machine weighed 310 lbs.

The specimen we can offer here is in outstanding authentic condition, it has the charming patina a newly-restored machine often lacks.  

It has been in use regularly with its former French owner and goes like a rocket.