BSA 1935 R35-4 350 cc 1 cyl ohv



BSA 1935  349 cc OHV   De Luxe   “R 35 – 4 “  frame # E 3752  engine # E 4435

With the introduction of the 1935 range two almost identical  new  De Luxe   ohv singles are brought out. 
The R 35-3 is a  63x 80mm  249 cc single and the R 35-4  is a  71x88mm  349 cc model. 
With each of these  models the valve gear is similar to that of the OHV twin. 
The pushrods are enclosed in a large-diameter tube. 
The  inlet  valve is all enclosed and lubricated  but the exhaust  spring are  exposed for better cooling.  
The gear driven  magdyno is situated behind the cylinder and the lubrication is effected by  a twin gear pump.
There’s a tell-tale  on the timing cover. Other  features include a quickly adjustable shock absorber,  a steering damper and  a  four speed gearbox with foot change mechanism. 
These De Luxe OHV models have been catalogued for only two years  and not too many have survived. 
This good-looking and surprisingly powerful  sports mount has been finely restored