BSA 1935 W35-7 500 cc 1 cyl ohv



BSA  1935 model W 35-7  499 cc OHV single  frame# E 5 2974  engine# E 7 985

In the 1935  BSA range there were three 500 cc OHV models: the Special, with specially built and tested engine with special valves, cams, racing piston etc; the slightly less fierce Blue Star, with upswept pipes and high compression piston and the standard 500, the handsome W 35-7 that we have available. 
The machine has a 2 port engine, 4 speed gearbox and duplex cradle frame with forged steel backbone and integral sidecar lugs. 
Prop stand, flexible mounted handlebars and tank instrument panel are other features of this luxury mount.
The machine was despatched to Hackford Motors, Brixton on 22nd August 1935 and still has the factory fitted engine, as BSA club research has pointed out. 
This sporty thirties machine has been nicely restored and is a good runner.