BSA 1938 10 HP Scout Series 5 1203cc 4cyl sv 3403



BSA 1938 10 HP Scout Series 5 1203 cc front wheel drive four cylinder water cooled side valve chassis # E 1567 engine # A2670

In the late twenties the BSA company no doubt examined all viable layout configurations when they decided to enter the light car/three wheeler market, then dominated by the Morgan. Two wheels at the front was the popular configuration at that time, but driving through a single rear wheel did mean a motorcycle- type assembly and a heavy driving load on the single tyre. Front wheel drive offered an easily detachable rear wheel with no oily chains, a real sales advantage.
In November 1929 the BSA three wheeler appeared. The designers introduced innovations such as a reverse gear, electric start and full weather protection. Independent front suspension was another benefit resulting from the FWD layout. In the early thirties the company stared to experiment which four wheeled cars and this culminated in the Scout, introduced in April 1935. With the Scout, priced at £149, BSA filled a market section that had previously not been covered by any car manufacturer. BSA did not market the Scout as a “sports car”, but introduced it as “a car for sporting people”. It couldn’t be compared with “real” sports cars such as the MG Midget or Singer Le Mans, but these cars were way more expensive with £222 and £375 respectively. The two-seater Scout had pleasing lines and sold well. It was initially fitted with the threewheeler’s 9 HP (1075 cc) engine. Later on a 10 HP version with 1203 cc engine was also offered. In 1936 all round hub brakes were introduced that were rod and cable operated at the front. The Series 5 was introduced in 1938 and featured 12 volt electrics, Bendix cable brakes and minor design changes. Scout production ended in 1939. All in all some 3000 Scouts rolled out of the factory.

The Scout we offer comes with an extensive information file that contains photostat copies of handbook, spares list, and BSA Front Wheel Drive Club info ( with 14 copies of “Front Wheels”, the Bulletin of the BSA Front Wheel Drive Club). Furthermore there are photos of the restoration process and information regarding the Scout’s history. The car was delivered to dealer Jordan and Co. in Hull on February 5, 1938 and sold to local butcher Arthur Hutley. There’s a list of former owners that mentions the car was rebuilt in 2003-2004 and has a current road registration.