BSA 1957 Gold Star scrambler 500cc 1 cyl ohv



The BSA Gold Star was one of the most successful motorcycles of all time, both in the showroom & on the track.
It’s ancient design was outdated almost at its inception & yet it thundered on through history, taking on all comers.
Light, strong, powerful & bulletproof, the "Goldie" gained a loyal following over the decades.
When it was finally retired in 1963, nothing ever sold as well or did as well at the track.
The aluminum barrel Gold Star was probably the most successful race bike ever built.
It won races for over a decade in every discipline………desert, scrambles, motocross, flat-track, and roadracing!
This replica factory Gold Star Scrambler 500 is equiped with the SC gearbox, Lucas racing magneto and specific primary chaincase.
The engine internals are as new and the carburetter has been entirely overhauled.
Get yourself ready for the track…