Calthorpe 1930 Ivory 500cc 1 cyl sv



Calthorpe  1930 500 cc OHV ‘ Ivory Calthorpe”  frame#M 12462 engine# M 12477

Until 1928, the Calthorpe factory of Barn Street, Birmingham, had many ups and downs and often had to struggle to survive. 
But in 1928 success came with a new 350cc OHV machine with good handling, road holding and steering, that was finished in a highly distinctive ivory colour and was competitively priced. 
By 1930, the factory had concentrated exclusively on the production of the Ivory models: apart from the 350, also 250 and 500 cc models were produced. 
The 1928 machine had had an upright engine, but from 1930 on the engines were sloping, giving them an even more sporty look. 
Production of the Ivory models  went on till 1938, when  the Calthorpe company went out of business.
This  500 Ivory is an older restoration an running well.